Troubador All Honourable Men

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781783064267

Format: Paperback

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All Honourable Men


Set in the early 20th century, All Honourable Men is a portrayal of Ireland's troubles. A small community is divided by centuries of hate, and through it all the love of two people cries out for freedom and, ultimately, peace. From a small east coast community to the muddy trenches of The Somme, readers eventually witness the destruction of Dublin in The Rising.

All Honourable Men: set in Ireland's turbulent early 20th century. The story tells of a divided people and the trauma of the Easter Rising and Ireland's part in The First World War. Written in 1988 the book remained unpublished until 2016, the year of the Centenaries of the Rising, the Somme and, coincidentally the fourth centenary of Shakespeare's death.

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A.M. Braithewaite

A.M.Braihthewaite is the pen name of the Author of All Honourable Men. The author has lived most of his life in Northern Ireland.

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