Troubador A Woman Undefeated

Released: 01/01/2011

ISBN: 9781848764880

Format: Paperback

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A Woman Undefeated


Life is hard for Maggie, an Irish emigrant who must make a new life for herself when the famine forces her to leave her country. Bound into a loveless marriage, and viewed with suspicion by people who do not want the immigrants to take their jobs, Maggie must play the dutiful wife and daughter-in-law until fate can play its part. Vivienne Dockerty has written a gripping historical novel, about Irish Emigration and the determination of one woman to build a better life, made all the more fascinating by the historical fact that encompasses the story being told.

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Southern Times

Harp Newspaper

I bought this book because it looked like the sort of book I like. Bit of an Aga-saga, a tear-jerking family tale. I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. I'm sure that the fact it's based at least in part on the author's own family history plays a big part in its success because it has a very authentic feel to it, very true to what I imagine was a very tough time to live at. I had tear or two at many a moment, and got gripped by the characters right from the start. The cover sums up the loneliness of Maggie in the book at times, it's very desolate and bleak. I won't spoil the ending but it won't disappoint. If you like the work of Dilly Court then you'll like this!

by Aileen Parsons

If you are looking for a book that artfully tells the story a woman's enduring struggle to survive to spite the tragic loss of family and country, this is the book you should read. The favor of the Irish and Northern English 1800's country side is well-painted by Ms Dockerty as you travel along with Maggie through her rich and arduous journey. I learned that no matter the time or place, women share many of the same struggles in life like losses of family or home, as well as financial hardship. Mistreatment by men, rearing children, and doing business in a man's world are also experienced (for better or worse) by many women including Maggie in this story. Maggie is strong and perserverant through it all and a great role model to its readers. I look forward to Ms. Dockerty's next tome, "Dreams Can Come True".

by Cathy Knowles

Vivienne Dockerty

I previously lived on the Wirral, Merseyside and have been inspired to write historical sagas based on various members of my ancestry who lived in the area. Now living in Greater Manchester I enjoy meeting people at the various events I attend to sell my books. My latest book A Deceitful Man, set in Bolton, is selling very well.


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