Troubador A Most Unusual Charm

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838595296

Format: Paperback

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A Most Unusual Charm


Shortly before Alexi Pennington's mother passed away she gave her daughter a silver bracelet with a ten pointed star charm. It had been a gift from her brother-in-law, given the day Alexi was born some fifty years earlier.

Alexi took the bracelet to an antique dealer for an evaluation whose option was that the Turkish silver was of little monetary value but, as the bracelet was n ancient belly dancer's anklet, it's value may lie in delving into its history. 

To Alexi this begged the question 'What was her uncle, a Roman Catholic priest, doing with a belly dancer's anklet?'

A Most Unusual Charm is the first part of a story that spans two continents. Beginning in the seventeenth century in Istanbul's crowded Grand Bazaar, a mother's love for her young daughter causes her, in a moment of distraction, to let go of her hand. 

The consequences of the girl's disappearance sets up a chain of events that are to be repeated throughout centuries: where ownership of a silver bracelet turns loyalty into obsession, greed into tragedy and where love is repeatedly thwarted and betrayed. Those who came to possess it either bask in its magic or cannot escape its curse. 

The story ends in the early twentieth century when a mother, out of love for her dying daughter, makes her a promise: one that she knows will be difficult to keep. 

The sequel, A Most Unusual Gift, begins in the twenty first century, when Alexi Pennington, now in possession of the ancient bracelet decides to delve into its history.

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