Troubador A Gentleman’s Promise

Released: 26/07/2018

eISBN: 9781789011753

Format: eBook

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A Gentleman’s Promise


Emma has struggled across a Europe devastated by Napoleon to get her brother back home, but when she arrives she finds her family all but destroyed.

She meets a stranger who claims the estate now belongs to him. Who is this man? Emma doesn’t know. What she does know is that it would be madness to fall in love and surrender her freedom…

Richard never wanted the title and estate he’s now inherited. He hadn’t even known of his connection to the family until his solicitor revealed it to him. But when Emma and her brother turn up claiming to be the estate’s rightful heirs, he can’t ignore his suspicions. Nor can he ignore his growing feelings towards Emma. Could she be the woman he’s been searching for?

Independent and strong, Emma never wants to marry. Richard is looking for a docile, obedient wife. Can their quest to catch a killer teach them that what they both wish to avoid is exactly what they need?

Emma and her brother, Jaime have just traveled across war torn France. Their parents are dead and they're hoping to get to back to England to their grandparent's house. When they get there, they find that their grandfather has died and their grandmother has gone to London. Someone else has taken over the house and the title. Richard Lacey has just arrived to the estate after being informed that he is next in line to be the Lord of Easterby. There have been several attempts on his life while traveling to the estate. Is it because he is taking over the title or some other reason? If it is because of the title, then Jaime is also, in danger as he is now next in line, not Richard. Emma and Richard have a deep attraction for each other, but Emma does not want to be put aside as unimportant as many wives are. An informant has come up with the name of the most respected Duke of Wheatley. But who is he and what is his interest? He has a most profitable estate and a title. Will Richard with Emma's help uncover the mystery of the attacks? Will Emma trust Richard enough to love him? I liked this book. It is well written and full of mystery.

by Marie Angel

Penny Hampson

I've been passionate about books ever since I first learnt to read. A common refrain at home was that I always had my nose in a book; things haven't changed, even though I'm now somewhat older.

History is a passion too; it's great that these two interests combine so well.

With degrees in history and historical research, I've spent a chunk of my life helping others to achieve publication; now I've decided it's my turn.

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