Troubador You've Got it in You

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624910

eISBN: 9781784626563

Format: Paperback/eBook

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You've Got it in You

A Positive Guide to Breast Feeding


You may be worried about breastfeeding and worried that it might ‘not work’. This is a common feeling when you live in a society where breastfeeding is often sabotaged by incorrect information, patchy support from a stretched health service and powerful messages from formula companies. But it’s not a feeling that is entirely logical. We are mammals. We get our name from the dangly milk-producing bits. It defines us. I’m writing this book because I would like you to be as well-prepared as possible. I would like you to breastfeed for as long as you want to and as happily as possible. I want you to feel supported. Some of this new life with baby will be about flexibility and responsiveness and acceptance. If you are used to a world of schedules and decisions and goals, it may be a bit of a shock. Learn about human biology before you think it sounds bit too scary. Babies are the products of millions of years are evolution and we are too, if we can just tap into our instincts and trust them a little bit. Success comes when we tap into those instincts and when we know when to get help when our instincts aren’t answering all of our questions. Can everyone who wants to breastfeed make it work? No. It may not work out for every single person. Not everyone may be able to exclusively breastfeed due to medical issues. Most of these people can give their baby breastmilk though and I’ll talk this through as well. And let’s not start this journey by imagining you’ll be someone who won’t make it.

Doulaing Magazine

This book is just what every pregnant women needs in her new mum kit. It tells you just what you need to know at every and any stage of your breastfeeding journey! I love the straightforward and direct style; the whole book is so generously full of practical usefulness. It’s also so useful to have online links that reference and expand upon what is being being talked about.
It’s cleverly written as it is so thorough but still manages to be short and arranged in bite sized chapters so that it’s easy to digest and find the topic you want to know about quickly.
Especially useful are the sequential chapters on what to expect at different weeks and months of your breastfeeding journey.
Everything is so well researched that it bestows confidence upon the reader with its wealth of evidence based and relevant, accurate up-to-date information to help you along every step of the way.
If I had my way, the government would be providing this book free to every pregnant woman.

by Anita Kolaczynska

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