Troubador When the Unacceptable Becomes the Norm

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788036962

eISBN: 9781788031332

Format: Paperback/eBook

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When the Unacceptable Becomes the Norm

Choosing a Care Home in the 21st Century


When the Unacceptable Becomes the Norm is an essential guide for any person looking to place a relative in care or already in the care system. Few subjects have aroused public concern since the millennium more than care for the elderly in the UK, and in particular residential care homes for the elderly. With a rapidly aging population this is a major issue for both national and local government, as well as a personal problem for innumerable people finding themselves in this situation. The media have widely reported the shortcomings of care homes for the elderly and in particular the many cases of abuse, neglect and malpractice. By definition, such people are often frail, in poor health and are always very vulnerable. The book seeks to provide advice for the increasing number of people looking for a suitable home for their elderly loved ones, based on both long personal experience and detailed research.The advice on how to choose a care home and then how to keep an elderly loved one safe and well there is practical and down to earth. The author also tells the story of his own battle to protect his mother and his experience dealing with the many outside agencies concerned with care for the elderly, including their many shortcomings and what lessons he learnt along the way.

Nursing Times

Irish Examiner

It is a very interesting account about the problems encountered by the author while dealing with the home-care system in the UK. Based on his experience while taking care of his ailing mother, it offers more than a simple guide about choosing a care home, but it offer useful insights for the people responsible for the well-being and safety of elderly paying - sometimes big amounts of money - for being taken care of during their last years of life.

by Ilana WD (NetGalley)

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