Troubador When Doctors Get It Wrong

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591618

Format: Paperback

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When Doctors Get It Wrong

The Patient's Guide to Dealing with Medical Errors


There are plenty of books on clinical errors, some written for doctors and others for lawyers. This book is for patients. It describes the principles of medicine and then explains what people can expect their general practitioner to do by way of diagnosis and treatment. It removes some of the mystery surrounding medical practice and explains how accidents can occur. This is almost a small medical textbook – but one that cuts through the technicalities to help people understand what has happened. 

The examples of what can go wrong in medical practice are actual UK general practitioner cases where lawyers requested a medical opinion in cases of alleged negligence. The examples give a guide to patients who are considering a complaint about a medical practitioner. They may also provide an explanation for patients and relatives to show that even if things have turned out badly the doctor may still have done all that was possible.

Now retired from both clinical and expert witness work, Dr Rae combines his interest in teaching with his experience in managing medical mistakes, and has produced a book specifically to help patients who are concerned about their treatment.

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Dr Nicholas Rae

Dr Rae is qualified both as a doctor and a dental surgeon. After extensive hospital experience he entered general practice. He served for 10 years on an NHS committee Investigating complaints against the GPs. He was also claims adviser to a national insurance company and assumed responsibility for training their staff in essential medical matters. He was founder and Managing Director of Medical Evidence Ltd, acting as expert witness for both claimants and defendants doctors in more than 500 cases of medical negligence claims.

Dr Nicholas Rae

When Doctors Get It Wrong
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