Troubador Truth About Health Exposed

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9780995586307

Format: Paperback

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Truth About Health Exposed


How healthy are you?

Your answer to this depends on your perception of health. Having the right perspective will improve your health dramatically.

A UK Pharmacist realised this after years of witnessing patient’s battle with various health issues inspite of lifesaving drugs. The realisation of the limited impact of policies and drugs on health prompted her to write this book. Her aim is to share her insight and experience in helping others improve their health, and reduce their need for drugs by individualising health improvement strategies. This book explains what true health means and how it can be achieved.

The Truth About Health Exposed gives you the knowledge and tools to create your unique health improvement strategy. Learn the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of being healthy by discovering how: to be healthy without spending more; to avoid the need for regular medications and supplements; to conquer your unique health battles; to use health to maximize your productivity and career potential; to age healthily and enjoy wholesome living.

This easy-to-read unique health book goes deeper than most as it also teaches you about investing in your health and, for the religious, applying faith to health. It will, most importantly, help you to avoid the over reliance on supplements. It will also show how to avoid the problem areas of the NHS and private health insurance, giving practical solutions in these areas.

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