Troubador The Rollercoaster of Care

Released: 28/11/2019

eISBN: 9781838597245

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The Rollercoaster of Care

How to Deal with the Emotional Experience of Caring for Older People


While supporting and caring for people as they get older you will be on a rollercoaster ride of emotional ups and downs . The experience of caring is unique to each individual and there are many physical and practical demands, but it is the way in which the role challenges your emotions which can be draining and sometimes even damaging. 

Using the authors own experience, as well as extensive interviews with other carers, this book is intended to offer support to fellow carers of an older person. It shows you that you are not alone in the many ways that you are challenged and there is help available. It will help you to recognise the positives that caring can bring to your life and to develop ways of dealing with the challenges. 

Directed at those caring for older people going through the normal process of ageing, rather than those caring for people with a long term illness or disability, this book identifies the whole process of caring from the entry phase of the role to moving on after your time as a carer has finished. Each stage has different demands which are highlighted through case examples and practical guidance for coping strategies.

The rollercoaster of care . How to deal with the emotional experience of caring for older people.
This book addresses the whole process of caring and the social context in which Carers operate. A practical guide with the experiences and advice from Carers from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.
Due for publication in November.

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Theresa Pollard and Jennifer Sayer

We have both worked in social and community work for many years but have written this book as a result of our personal experiences of being long term Carers for older relatives and the experiences of the many other contributors to this book in the hope that it will support others who have to take this journey .

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