Troubador The Back to Basics Diet (2018 Edition)

Released: 28/01/2018

eISBN: 9781788034036

Format: eBook

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The Back to Basics Diet (2018 Edition)

Seven Weeks to Change Your Life


In this fully updated 2018 edition of The Back to Basics Diet, author David Hack dismisses common advice to eat less and move more as well-meaning but misguided. Cutting through the hype and confusion of so many popular diets, David takes readers back to basics in terms of what we should be eating.

The Back to Basics Diet offers a straightforward explanation as to why a plant-based diet and gentle daily exercise holds the key to successful weight loss. This remarkable and proven weight loss system is based on modern science and the intriguing story of human evolution.

David reveals the secret of what and when to eat to ensure we lose weight and keep that weight off for life. The initial seven-week programme helps readers adapt to a healthy lifestyle and is followed by a method that helps them stay on track after the initial change. With a two-week food template, recipes, and motivational tips, this empowering book is sure to become an indispensable guide to lifelong health and permanent weight loss.

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