Troubador Sweet Treats The Healthy Way

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800462960

Format: Paperback

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Sweet Treats The Healthy Way


Sweet Treats the Healthy Way is a selection of delicious sweet treats made with the healthiest of ingredients. Following the author’s experiments in this area and her success in weight loss, improved fitness and increased mental strength, she decided to write this book to encourage others to take on a healthier lifestyle, without feeling deprived.  

This book has been written for people who want to shed a few pounds, reduce their sugar intake and truly discover new, nutritious ingredients. With recipes ranging from baked goods to raw desserts and smoothies, Farhana Shabbirdin shares delicious recipes to satisfy any ‘sweet-tooth’. The book also contains a list of the best ingredients, explanation about different types of sugar and information on how you can still enjoy sweet treats while embarking on weight-loss or a healthier lifestyle journey. We know refined sugar leads to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and other illnesses, this book will help readers to make healthier alternative choices.

The author’s vision is that healthy foods, ingredients, recipes and ideas should be accessed and discovered by all. She is continually striving to discover more nutritious, wholesome ingredients to share with the world. With a Tanzanian background, she infuses the Swahili word for health, ‘AFYA’, into her brand, and shows how everyone can reach their optimum health – mentally, physically and spiritually

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