Troubador Spotless

Released: 31/05/2009

eISBN: 9781848768659

Format: eBook

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The Essential Guide to Getting Rid of Spots and Acne


Acne is a problem that has no age barriers. With so much conflicting advice about, it can be difficult to know exactly how to find a cure. “There is no scientific evidence that links food to acne” is a statement commonly used by doctors and is the basis of many acne books but is this statement true?

So many health professionals focus solely on getting rid of the spots by means of topical lotions and antibiotics but could the appearance of spots be your body’s way of telling you that something else is wrong? Could spots just be a symptom?

Spotless is the result of fifteen years of independent research, research that has uncovered the real reason as to why people get acne.

The book offers the reader the opportunity to learn exactly how their body works, what foods have been linked to acne and explains why the use of antibiotics can cause acne to develop.

Real case studies have been included to let the reader understand that everyone is different and what causes one person to suffer from acne can be completely different to someone else.

Spotless provides a step-by-step guide to washing and cleansing, safe products to use, make-up advice, how to deal with skin issues during monthly cycles and advice on how to shave and avoid in-grown hairs.

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