Troubador Spinach for Breakfast

Released: 15/11/2012

eISBN: 9781780886411

Format: eBook

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Spinach for Breakfast

How to live longer for all ages particularly for 65 and older


Longevity with good health is now becoming, more ever than before, a worthy and most desirable aim for all who realise that age limits are increasing and the necessity to work longer may become more important.

Spinach for Breakfast looks at all aspects of how to make the later years beneficial and pleasant, with advice on diet, exercise and other sensible living regimes.

Careful research on expert findings has been conveniently condensed to make a simple abridged reference guide rather than a detailed academic view. It is easy to read and gives all the required information for better, longer living.

Author Sam Almond is now 86 years old and is practising and taking advantage of all the research carried out on this subject. He is dieting and exercising his way to feeling fit and healthy, and enjoying life to the full – as he believes any reader, taking the advice of this book, can do.

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This is a practical, succinct, and intelligent book written by an author who looks and acts like a man 20 years younger than his real age!
I am a busy and successful personal trainer and can recommend this book to everyone.

by John Harrop

This was purchased to show to my parents in their eighties. It is an entertaining read and very accessible. I would recommend it as an educated guide to living in a healthy way. The book combines common sense with helpful, lifestyle information. Everything is presented in an interesting way; it advises rather than nags.

Perhaps this will be published as a book, which would make it available to more people. My parents do not have a computer and can only view it in my home. The target audience may well share this difficulty.

My parents now have the special honey that the writer recommends, every day! Thank you.

by Delta Lady

The book is an easy to read guide to key factors that are important for a long and healthy life. It is not meant to be a technical guide and is written in a way to allow the reader the option to expand on each topic covered. The book explains that by learning to control or if possible eliminate stress, a healthy diet and moderate exercise that life can be enjoyed long into retirement. The book highlights certain foods that can be classed as "superfoods" and by giving the reader a selection of recipes, the author demonstrates how these foods can be incorporated into everyday life. There are so many books on this subject; it is sometimes hard to know where to start but if the author is anything to go by, he definitely has the right ingredients for a long and healthy life, where he starts each day with "Spinach for Breakfast".

by Steven Gordon

This is more of a reference/summary book for someone who is just starting on the path to a good, healthy life. The author is 86 years old, and for that alone I would read and pay attention to what he says, because clearly he has done some things that have worked. There are a few typos and chapter reference errors, but solid, basic information nonetheless.

by Samantha

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