Troubador Sourdough Suppers

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893360

eISBN: 9781789019278

Format: Hardback/eBook

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Sourdough Suppers

A Year in the Life of a Wild Yeast Culture


An exquisite collection of moreish meals created around handmade breads and simple seasonal ingredients. Chef and sourdough teacher Hilary Cacchio shares 17 years of experience in her new bread cookbook, Sourdough?Suppers. It is split into 12 monthly chapters, guiding readers through the seasons. The first few recipes in each chapter are the breads for the month, followed by recipes that either use bread or go well with the bread(s) featured. They are always colourful, easy, big-flavoured, informal and occasionally indulgent dishes that Hilary cooks herself. Each chapter opens with a full-colour illustration and Hilary peppers the book with anecdotes throughout, elevating Sourdough Suppers into more than just a cook book. From stories from her life as a chef; market life in the Pyrenees; a discussion about seasonal vegetables; and tips on how to transform fresh ingredients into vibrant dishes, the reader will be both informed and entertained. The book covers a wide range of sourdough topics, including what wild yeast/sourdough culture is; how slow fermenting dough and making our bread naturally can benefit our taste buds and our health; its history; exposing myths; how to source a culture; storing and preparing a culture for baking; and trouble-shooting. Hilary also includes sections that explain the five elements of bread making (culture/flour/salt/water/time); the stages of bread making; the equipment required and how to convert all of the recipes from culture to commercial yeast. The philosophy of the bread-making part of the book is that after a very short while the new baker will be able to produce their natural breads with only fifteen minutes hands-on time. Sourdough?Suppers is scattered with illustrations by the New Talent Bafta-winning illustrator and animator, Kate Charter. It’s original and fresh and will appeal to bakers, inexperienced and expert, and anyone who loves bread.

Sourdough Suppers totally captures Hilary's creativity - it is a comforting, homely, friendly/welcoming, fun book, sprinkled with what is clearly a profound experience, knowledge and expertise which flavours the whole sourdough and seasonal experience. Its a very accessible cookery book. I just wanted to roll up my sleeves and start working through the recipes.

by Sasha Castling

This book clearly reflects the authors years of experience, capturing her contagious curiosity and creativity, it treasures the freshest ingredients and seeks inspiration in seasonality and in the culinary traditions of different regions. Sourdough Suppers enjoys the ritual of preparation, the exuberance of flavours - these are it's rules. The results are wonderful, lovingly written recipes that will make you and those around you full of the joys of eating.

by Anna Stankiewicz

Writing a book, I think, is quite a feat. Writing one and getting it published is even more impressive. And, considering both of those things, writing one and publishing it yourself seems practically superhuman. Self-publishing used to have a bad reputation but, these days, it is often both accepted for what it is and also seen as a very laudable route to finding a mainstream publisher.
So, in amongst the more ‘classic publishing’ cookbooks I have worked on this year, I was really proud to help someone self-publish their first. I was approached by a friend of a friend, Hilary Cacchio, to help her put together her book about sourdough and it is, if I say so myself, really lovely. Beautifully illustrated by animator Kate Charter, it is both a precise teach-yourself how to make bread book, but also a recipe book that will inspire you throughout the year.
Hilary is not just a bread-baker but also a private chef and teacher and her book is designed to showcase what you can do with the bread and the dough, apart from just making a loaf, and what other dishes to serve with it. On the way, she explodes quite a few myths: no, you don’t have to take a starter on holiday; yes, you can forget to feed it; no, there isn’t just one method. She then takes you through a year of baking with a starter, to show you how versatile it can be. So, in the spring, you might make avocado rarebit, to go with a malted wheat and rye loaf; in the summer a preserved lemon and fig focaccia goes beautifully with slow-pulled pork and, in the winter, chocolate-filled ‘wild’ doughnuts might be just enough to drag you from under the duvet.

by Dr Louise Tucker

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