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Released: 28/02/2015

ISBN: 9781784621438

eISBN: 9781784627867

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Silent Pain

How Stress and Trauma may lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


It is estimated that some 28 million people worldwide are suffering from?Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), more commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), with many more remaining undiagnosed. In Canada alone, recent records indicate an astounding increase of 24% in just five years. Drawing on existing neuroscientific research, not previously linked to CFS, author Helen Germanos answers the burning questions: “How did I get this?” and “Why?” 

Silent Pain:?How Stress and Trauma may lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reveals a novel theory as to how and why CFS develops, in order to provide readers with a deeper understanding of what is happening to them, as well as giving them the tools and insight to embark on their own personal journey of discovery, recovery and transformation. 

Sharing her own experiences of CFS, Helen explains how she went from being paralysed in bed for nine months – unable to bear noise, light and contact with anyone, including her young son – to living a full life again. Using the same techniques she describes in this book, she left no stone unturned, changing every aspect of her life in order to achieve the balance and harmony that had been previously absent. Aimed at sufferers of CFS, as well as those who are worried that they may be suffering from it, this book can provide readers with the understanding that they need to be able to overcome it. 

Silent Pain will also help therapists, carers and loved ones of CFS sufferers offer support and understand the importance of their empathy. Never give up – change is the only constant in life.

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Female First

The Walrus Said

Exceptionally interesting read about chronic fatigue Syndrome, what it is and how it develops, how exposure to constant stress can be the trigger and how there is alternative therapy which can help together with life changes in both healthy eating and a stress free life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A MUST READ BOOK

by Pam Thomas

The book is interesting and will probably make you feel understood if you suffer of CFS.

by Mounia Moony

Like many people who have a chronic illness (I have fibromyalgia) I wonder about how it came about. This book is a great way to put you in touch with the origins of your illness and find ways forward.

by Claire Meadows

Helen Germanos

Helen Germanos is a homeopath, Reiki practitioner and holds a degree in psychology. In 2012 she collapsed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and lay paralyzed in bed for just over nine months. Helen managed to recover from CFS using her skills to help herself and looking to others for help. As she began to recover she read through as much of the research and theories on CFS as she could find.

In the process she finally began to gain some understanding of what this illness is and how it actually affects people in a variety of different ways. During this time she also read information on body/mind research in an effort to try and pinpoint the underlying cause for developing this illness, and by understanding this, to ensure it did not happen again.

In April 2013 she read a research study, published in the US journal Psychophysiology from 1995, entitled ‘Orienting in a defensive world: Mammalian modifications of our evolutionary heritage. A Polyvagal Theory’ by Stephen Porges. It was this study that eventually led Helen to a complete understanding of how and why this illness develops and helped her in the final stages of her recovery back to full health. Helen quickly realized that it was from this moment of understanding that she was able to take her life and health back into her own hands. For this reason she decided to write this book, to share this knowledge with other sufferers and their carers in the hope that they too may benefit.

Helen Germanos
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