Troubador Reflections of a Sceptic

Released: 28/02/2015

ISBN: 9781784621599

Format: Paperback

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Reflections of a Sceptic


Where do we come from? Who are we? And most importantly, where are we heading? Reflections of a Sceptic attempts to distinguish the known and verifiable from the possible but unverified and the ever mysterious. This light philosophy peppered with gentle irony seeks a perspective into the totality of existence, life and humanity and with the insights gained invites the reader to chart a course for the greater good. Most of us are so involved in our daily lives with matters of family, work and society that we pay no attention to the wider picture necessary to make wise decisions for our future. Michael Gelman expresses some unconventional views as to why this may be, for which of course he makes no apology. The book is split into two parts; ‘In Search of Utopia’ and ‘Repairing Britain’. The latter section is formed from the author’s comments on the few but significant flaws in an otherwise well-ordered, just and highly civilised society. It allows the reader to see the viewpoint of an outsider, well-placed to take an objective view, and judge for themselves whether he is correct. Reflections of a Sceptic is a pocket-sized paperback, perfect for thoughtful, busy people to dip into whilst on a train journey or waiting for an appointment. Certain sections covering the sciences may need a little concentration, but the non-scientist should find the effort rewarding, and fans of light philosophy will find themselves wanting to re-read many of the chapters in this fascinating book.

Cornish Times

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