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Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784625047

eISBN: 9781785894060

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Red Everything Emotional


Red Everything Emotional is a detailed analysis of how emotions can affect the human body. Taking into account the mind, body and behaviour, Mark Vincent Flanagan explores the complexities of emotions to provide readers with a deeper understanding of themselves, allowing them to move past trauma and repair themselves spiritually. This book is subcategorised into nine chapters, among which are ‘development’, ‘repressed emotion’ and ‘diet emotions’. Mark Vincent Flanagan also shares his own poems inspired by his time working as a medium with his many clients. Written to touch part of your soul, each poem will help in the lifting of emotion. Red Everything Emotional provides healing and personal growth to those looking to understand their emotions and will appeal to those looking to better understand themselves. Along with the book, readers receive an audio CD dedicated to the meditation to help with emotional release. The meditation focuses on colour for healing with music composed by Richard Newell. There are 5 tracks, lasting for 30 minutes in total.

Part of my 2016 reading plan is to read things that are out of my comfort zone and to better myself as a person. When I saw Red Everything Emotional on NetGalley, I knew I had to read it as it includes a lot of things I don't know a lot about and really wanted to learn.

This is a shorter book, 120 pages long. I read it quickly and still managed to take a total of 12 pages of notes in Microsoft Word.

I am very impressed with the ease of reading in Red Everything Emotional. That could be why the author, Mark Vincent Flanagan, wrote it to 120 pages. There is no fluff here, and only a few things are repeated throughout. It is written so even someone like me, who knows nothing about chakras, colors and the like, can read it and understand it. I appreciate that.

This is my first introduction to color and chakra and I feel like I can now delve deeper into that, and I have this book to thank. Each color/chakra is laid out simply, giving pertinent information without scaring the reader away. This is very New Age stuff, something I'm not usually into, but I feel like I have a deeper understanding now and could explain the chakra system to my husband, who also knows nothing about it.

The book suggests that emotion can cause anything going on in your body, and I have to agree. I have felt that myself usually in the form of upset stomach. I know that scientifically, this is highly debated and there are those that believe stress is not a killer, but my personal experience is otherwise. This book shows just where in the body this or that happens based on an emotion and how to deal with it in a healthy way.

There are questions to answer throughout the book, which I love seeing. I answered them in my notes and really didn't think as I typed, and came up with some very interesting answers. I will be going back to the questions in about a weeks' time and see where I am then.

I have not tried to meditate yet, I haven't since I was a kid. There are meditation techniques at the end of the book along with simple exercises for the reader to try. I have not tried them either but plan to. There is also information on diet - not crazy diets but easy things anyone can to do reduce stress eating and to be healthier all around.

Mr. Flanagan also gives the reader an anatomy and physiology lesson - but don't be scared! It's straight, to the point and he gives great explanations. I consider myself advanced in the area of the human body and I believe that, based on the rest of the book, someone who would be a beginner in this area would have a very easy time understanding Mr. Flanagan's words.

I disagree with the idea of disease being primarily caused by the mind, just because of my personal health situation. However, that isn't enough for me to dock a star on this one. I do, however, agree with mind over matter so to speak, as I've had to do that a lot in my personal life.

The end of the book has several of Mr. Flanagan's poetry. I have been writing poetry since I was about 13, and I know how personal poems can become. These poems seem to be very personal and I appreciate Mr. Flanagan putting them into print for the world to see. That is not an easy thing to do.

I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about how emotions affect and effect every part of your body. It is great for someone who is a beginner in this aspect, like me, or someone looking to refresh their mind. While it's a quick read, it's still very in-depth and has the right amount of information mixed with the right amount of wording.

Like Mr. Flanagan says - everything in life should be simple, so why do we make it difficult? This book will show you how to make things easier on yourself and everyone around you, and that is invaluable.

by NetGalley Reviewer

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