Troubador Red Everything Emotional

Released: 28/01/2016

eISBN: 9781785894060

Format: eBook

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Red Everything Emotional


Red Everything Emotional is a detailed analysis of how emotions can affect the human body. Taking into account the mind, body and behaviour, Mark Vincent Flanagan explores the complexities of emotions to provide readers with a deeper understanding of themselves, allowing them to move past trauma and repair themselves spiritually. This book is subcategorised into nine chapters, among which are ‘development’, ‘repressed emotion’ and ‘diet emotions’. Mark Vincent Flanagan also shares his own poems inspired by his time working as a medium with his many clients. Written to touch part of your soul, each poem will help in the lifting of emotion. Red Everything Emotional provides healing and personal growth to those looking to understand their emotions and will appeal to those looking to better understand themselves. Along with the book, readers receive an audio CD dedicated to the meditation to help with emotional release. The meditation focuses on colour for healing with music composed by Richard Newell. There are 5 tracks, lasting for 30 minutes in total.

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