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Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788036009

Format: Paperback

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A Modern Mother's Guide to Child Nutrition


NOURISH is a new holistic approach to providing and sustaining vital nutrition for the whole family.

In her own words, Tamar Henry tells the traumatic story of the health challenge that rocked her young son’s life.  Through her son’s adversity, subsequent recovery and her studies to become the health professional she is today, this mother of three adopted a new focus on nutrition that lends itself to her family’s current lifestyle.  Dedicated to all mothers, NOURISH gently guides the reader through the five focus points that Tamar believes and demonstrates are vital to the success of your child’s nutrition and overall health.  At the forefront of holistic nutrition education, Tamar Henry works passionately to create change one life at a time.  Whether its in the comfort of her own home, the houses of her clients, schools or the community at large, her very modern approach explains how nutrition is the key to wellbeing and how simple but effective changes can lead to better overall health and a happier family. 

As Tamar explains, ‘I write to my audience as one mother to another; and although I offer important advice throughout NOURISH I sincerely empathise with the difficulties of motherhood and how challenging implementing change can be.  I tell many personal stories and offer comments from mothers from all around the World, offering support and inspiration to promote change where it’s needed.’ 

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mama Me Box

I was so happy to receive the long awaited book By Tamar Henry the mum to three boys who has dedicated her time to helping others nurture health. It's really turned around the way I, as a mother of 2, shop, prep, cook and introduce my family to healthier alternatives as Tamar outlines all harmful substances and additives in food and where to find them.
It's a short book packed with information that can now be constantly available for you to refer to!
The best bits for me are the question and answer pages (easy to read) and the shoppers guide to buying (or not buying) organic produce! Which is a money saving tip too!

by Amazon purchaser

What an absolute delight to read. As a mother of 2 I can relate to almost everything is this book. It's broken down into simple sections therefore making it easy to read and really enjoyable. There are so many hints and tips as well. It's also educated me and I now know what to look out for when looking at labels when buying food, simple descriptions makes this book more manageable to read. Nourish has been written honestly from a mother wanting the best health for her children, an inspiration Tamar Henry. Thank you.

by Rachel Cortese (Amazon)

This is a book that you will dip into again and again. A reference book where the author's passion and love for her family are brought to the fore. Simple, easy to implement tips and ideas give you the knowledge to change your daily shop. The chapter about supermarket shopping is nothing short of inspirational. I expect to recognise fellow Nourish readers as we skirt around the perimeter of Sainsbury etc together. I can thoroughly recommend this book. It brings something new to the tabl.

by Mick Street (Amazon)

Just bought this book and haven't been able to put it down! Such an interesting and informative read. I'm a busy mum with 3 small children myself... And found this to be a really educational book..that's made me think about the small changes I can make for my children. A book you can dip in and out of and refer back to when you need to... An easy read that's packed full of easy thought provoking / small changes a mum can make. It won't be gathering dust on my shelf.. That's for sure!

by Nix (Amazon)

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