Troubador Namaste Baby

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783061686

Format: Paperback

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Namaste Baby

A Journey to Surrogacy in India


Namaste Baby is the heartwarming tale behind Susan Clare’s journey through recurrent miscarriage and the complexities of Indian surrogacy

Susan had always believed that getting married and having children was not for her. That all changed when she met Chris and fell head over heels in love for the first time. After a whirlwind romance and a marriage proposal, they were overjoyed when a pregnancy test returned a positive result.

During the honeymoon, Susan lost the baby. Even with the support of a specialist, and a daily cocktail of drugs, Susan miscarried twice more. Susan and Chris explored other ways to have a child. Surrogacy in India soon became the preferred route.

The couple flew to a clinic in Gujarat. Five fertilized eggs were implanted into Vimla and Susan and Chris returned to London to await the outcome. The news was positive – Vimla was expecting twins. All further reports were good. Susan and Chris were therefore shocked when they returned to India seven weeks early to hear that the babies had already been born.

For the following month an endless series of health scares threatened to destroy their dream. The babies battled though, and finally the day came when they could leave the hospital. What followed was a battle with bureaucracy so that they could finally return to England as a family.

This book is an honest account of Susan’s heartache after miscarriage and her desperate yearning to be a mother. It explores the moral and ethical arguments surrounding surrogacy and, finally, embraces her joy of holding her children in her arms.

Susan’s surrogacy story has been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Evening Standard

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Susan Clare

Susan Clare was born in the UK in 1972.  She lives with her husband, works part-time in the charity sector and spends the rest of her time as a busy mother of two. Namaste Baby is Susan’s first book which charts her emotional and physical struggle to have children.

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