Troubador Lifestyle Change With April

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788034647

Format: Paperback

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Lifestyle Change With April

Your Guide to a Healthier You


To live a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial that you find a balance between healthy eating and exercise. Do you want to live a healthier life? Do you need to eat better to lose weight faster? Do you want to stay motivated enough to crush your fitness goals? In this helpful new guide, April Laugh aka FitMrsFats, tells you just how to do it!

Lifestyle Change With April reveals a practical approach to healthy eating. Readers are shown how to stop binge eating, curb cravings and eat more for a sustained weight loss. April also includes a free meal diary to help readers to catch every calorie and make every meal count.

With a free seven-day detox plan and inspirational real stories from April's clients, Lifestyle Change With April show readers that they are not alone and that they too can live a healthy lifestyle. The book will appeal to readers seeking a proven method for healthy weight loss.

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April Laugh

April Laugh is a weight loss coach, fitness entrepreneur, and a fitness enthusiast who takes conscious efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. She helped her husband to lose over 40kg and has been inspiring people to adopt lifestyle changes with the #LifestyleChangeWithApril 12 Weeks weight loss program. She’s also a God-fearing wife, mom to Bryan and lives in England. You can read more about her on and find her on Instagram: @fitmrsfats

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