Troubador Korean Tea and Tea Garden Guide

Released: 28/10/2022

ISBN: 9781803135007

Format: Paperback

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Korean Tea and Tea Garden Guide


For anyone wishing to learn more about Korean culture, enjoy Korean tea, visit beautiful tea gardens or become an expert in Korean tea, this photo-filled, comprehensive guide to Korean tea and tea gardens is the perfect book. Following a quick and enjoyable read, you will find yourself full of practical knowledge of what makes Korean tea and tea gardens so unique. This is the first-ever English book written on Korean tea and tea gardens. The original Korean version of the book went into the second printing soon after it was first published in 2021. There are more than 240 photos covering 80+ beautiful Korean tea gardens and historical tea culture sites throughout Korea. With contact information included for every tea garden, you will be able to contact, access or visit these gardens in Boseong, Hadong, Jejudo, Gangjin, Jangheung, Haenam and various other regions in Korea. There are maps showing the locations of tea gardens and cultural sites and that will make your travel planning much easier. This book introduces the uniqueness of Korean tea, whereabouts of Korean tea gardens, how to serve and drink tea in the traditional way, cultural history of Korean tea, development of modern Korean tea industry, Korean tea festivals, Korean tea ceramic sites and tea ceremony steps to appreciate Korean tea. Along with gaining knowledge of Korean tea, you can also feel the culture, serenity and beauty of Korea through this thoughtful guide.

This new discovery awaits you.

Author Yang Seok Yoo also authored The Book of Korean Tea. Co-author Esther Yoo brings the spirit of discovery into this guide from her close connection to culture and her wealth of travel experiences around the world.

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