Troubador IPT-BN (m)

Released: 01/11/2011


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IPT-BN (m)


This manual has been written to describe IPT-BN(m), the modified IPT used by Leicester Eating Disorder Service to treat patients with binge eating spectrum disorders, including Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder (BED), atypical Bulimia Nervosa (ICD-10) and EDNOS bulimic spectrum (DSM-IV). IPT-BN(m) follows broadly the same format of IPT as originally described by Klerman et al (1984) for the treatment of depression; however there are some significant differences which will be explained in detail. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with IPT for depression (Klerman and Weismann, 1984), has attended an accredited 2 or 4 day IPT workshop and has some experience of IPT supervision and practice. It is also preferred that the reader has a good knowledge and some experience of working with people with bulimic spectrum eating disorders.

I did an IPT traing workshop with the IPT team in Leicester and have carried on using the model ever since. This boom is fantastic for guiding an IPT therapist through working with a patient with bulimia nervosa or similar problems. The session by session case and the extensive list of FAQ's make this book an invaluable resource - it really helps to keep you focussed and using the model.
It is well written in clear language and is easy to use and understand. It is not designed to be a stand alone treatment manual as it clearly states that you need to be an experienced IPT therapist before starting this adaptation of treatment. It feels like it is IPT BN but with all the "IPT" bits put back in.

by J.Fish

This book is a brilliant! I did an IPT course years ago and have recently started working with patients with Bulimia. One of my colleagues recommended this book and I was so glad they did. The best bit is definitely the case study as it helped me think about what I do with my patients and what was different about this treatment.
I also liked the fact that the language is very accessible, not using lots of jargon or complicated terms.
I work in France and training opportuities in practical treatments for eating disorders are few and far between so this book is great.

by M. Gamston

Useful book for experienced therapists. Liked the case study - more examples would be even better. FAQ section was helpful.
Need more on other eating disorders, particularly Anorexia.

by Fiona Price

I found this book on a colleagues bookshelf and thought it was interesting as I was working with a young lady with eating problems. I hadn't done any IPT before but the book explained so well what I needed to do that I read the IPT manual and then used this book to offer some help to this lady. It worked and I really liked the approach. I am now very excited and want to do more training in IPT - anyone know where is best place to go for training??

by Sarah Nicholson

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