Troubador In This House Angels Four

Released: 28/02/2022

ISBN: 9781803131344

Format: Paperback

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In This House Angels Four

Magic, Malefice, and Healing in East Lothian.


Many, perhaps most, books on Scottish witchcraft and folk magic tend to rely not so much on original research as on what has been produced by other writers. This has often led to a concentration on the same familiar cases and examples.

Having spent several years researching East Lothian witchcraft and allied matters from original sources, I have tried to cut through the claptrap and set out what are likely to have been the actual events, rituals and beliefs. I have summarised the cases in modern English, in chronological order, grouped together into subject areas for comparison and discussion, such as ‘malefice’, ‘lost property’, ‘healing’, and so on. While I express my own opinions and interpretations from time to time, I try most of all to let the cases speak for themselves.

In This House Angels Four attempts to reach some sort of conclusion about the practices and beliefs of ordinary folk in East Lothian as regards witchcraft, traditional ‘magic’, and healing. Droves of unfortunate women were executed for supposedly having sex with the Devil and cavorting with fellow devotees at witch meetings, but what was really going on? 

"A calendar of Musselburgh witchcraft" now available. (See above).
"In this house angels four - magic, malefice, and healing in East Lothian" now available.

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David McKenzie Robertson

David McKenzie Robertson pursued a career in education before taking very early retirement to concentrate on more congenial pursuits. A lifelong resident of the village of Longniddry in East Lothian, he has previously published books on local history and East Lothian witchcraft.

He is also a prolific "Composer of Scots Songs" (see website ).

His book "From Roucan to Riches" traces the rise of the Glassell family from humble peasant farmers to country gentry, aristocrats, war heroes and millionaires.

"A calendar of Musselburgh witchcraft" published in spring 2021 includes a previously unknown witchcraft trial from the recently rediscovered court books of the East Lothian town. This has been included with all known Musselburgh witchcraft cases to give a comprehensive account of witchcraft in the town through the 17th century.

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