Troubador Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice

Released: 28/08/2014

ISBN: 9781783064793

Format: Paperback

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Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice


This book offers a real insight into the complex issues that mould the frontiers of nutritional research. At last, here is a book, written for the layperson, by an expert in the science underpinning modern nutrition. After working at the forefront of biomedical research for over 20 years, exploring the fundamental chemical mechanisms by which nutrients such as vitamin C and E affect our health, Mark Burkitt felt he had to set the record straight on nutritional matters that are ever-increasingly causing confusion and alarm in the general public – so much so that many people have all but given up trying to eat a healthy diet. The overriding philosophy of Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice is that a healthy diet cannot be achieved by the blind following of ‘rules’ touted by the proponents of what Mark describes as the ‘single issue diets’. The truth is, there are no simple answers. The way forward is through improved understanding of the underlying principles of nutrition. After reading Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice, readers will be able to make wise, informed decisions on what to eat. Ultimately, they will be able to see through the headlines and hype and begin to make sense of the mixed messages we are being given on diet and health. Although this book is aimed primarily for people with absolutely no prior knowledge of science, it should also prove invaluable to health professionals seeking clarity and guidance on the role played by diet in some of our most common diseases. Described as a ‘specialist book for the non-specialist reader’, Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice bridges the enormous gulf that has opened up between nutritional science – grounded in reality – and the large body of pseudoscientific claptrap being perpetuated by self-appointed gurus.

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