Troubador George

Released: 01/12/2016

eISBN: 9781785898105

Format: eBook

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Imagine being alone in life, having lost a loved one only a couple of years earlier and then receiving the devastating news that you have a terminal illness. Initially, you don’t take in the words said to you as you hear the terrible news. Then, it’s clarified for you and you decide that there is a life left to lead, albeit short and you set about looking into your past, to gain an understanding of the present. But when these throw up issues you had never been aware of, there is a real need to get in touch with one’s emotions in order to bring about closure.

'George' is due for release at the end of November 2016. It is the diarised story of a man in his 70s who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Having lost his wife a couple of years earlier, he decides to set some of his life in order. He enlists the help of Sarah, one of his carers and he unearths some secrets from his wife's life that are intriguing and saddening.

Very enjoyable read. Whilst reading, I started to feel I was becoming a friend of George's, something I haven't felt in a book before, and at the end there was a real sense of loss. This book is well written and tackles a difficult subject with sensitivity without being over-sentimental. Highly recommended

by Sharon Nock

I became completely immersed in this story which deals with a difficult subject in depth and with great sensitivity. This is not all doom and gloom or depressing to read in fact, I found it quite uplifting a lot of the time. I loved the sub plot regarding his late wife which unfolded when he discovered her diary. This was a book I wished to go on and on.

by Debs Ahronson

A sensitively told story that will touch your heart without wallowing in sentimentality. I defy any reader to finish this book without feeling moved.

by Helen Line

John Sayer

From the world of finance, in various guises, through to years working in the NHS and the Priory as a Psychotherapist and now an Interior Decorator, I find myself launching my first book.

I'm hoping I have sufficient ideas to release several others and in the interim period, I am hoping for a host of more ideas to come forth.

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