Troubador Encounters with Medicine and Sperm

Released: 28/06/2015

eISBN: 9781784626648

Format: eBook

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Encounters with Medicine and Sperm


True stories of Taiwanese people, medicine and medical doctors. Encounters with Medicine and Sperm details the fascinating life experiences of a Taiwanese medical doctor, whose job has always been interesting and exciting, no matter where he is – in Taiwan, China, England or America. Dr.?Hong has treated many patients, run a biotechnology company in China, managed an 800-bed hospital and climbed the academic ladder to be the top executive of a medical university. Chuang-Ye?Hong’s memoir covers a number of his career successes and events, including his innovative study on the most widely-used heart drug, examining if it would damage male fertility; an analysis of the actions Dr.?Hong and his colleagues in a biotech company took following the dreadful outbreak of SARS?in China; pioneering research into the effectiveness of acupuncture and herbal drugs; and how he was awarded an Ig-Nobel Prize for a study on the contraceptive use of Coke. The book also looks at many external socio-political issues, including the relationship between Taiwan and China; the change from Taiwan’s totalitarian government to a democratic one; an inside story about the death of Chiang Kai-Shek and his son, Taiwan’s successive presidents; and an overview of National Health Insurance in Taiwan – which is highly-acclaimed as being efficient and cost-effective. Encounters with Medicine and Sperm gives a personal insight into Chuang-Ye Hong’s fascinating career, whilst also providing enlightening thoughts and lots of humour, along with 16 black and white illustrations. It will appeal to fans of medical biographies, as well as those with an interest in the medical industry.

Encounters with Medicine and Sperm is awarded a Good Book Prize by Taipei Physicians Association in 2017.

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Chuang-Ye Hong MD, PhD, FACP

Holds a medical degree in Taiwan and a PhD from the University of London in UK. A world leading researcher of human sperm motility and Chinese herbal drugs. Awarded an Ig-Nobel Prize from USA for his work on the contraceptive use of Coke. A renowned physician-scientist, he was also a CEO running a biotech company in China.

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