Troubador Don't Get Married Until You Are Single

Released: 28/01/2018

eISBN: 9781788033800

Format: eBook

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Don't Get Married Until You Are Single


Sam Opeche didn’t know his mum until he turned 19. His parents were divorced when he was just six. Something always told him that growing up wouldn’t have been so difficult if his parents had stayed together. He found that there’s his dad’s side of the story, his mum’s side of the story, and then there’s the truth. 

Since then, a lot of his time has been spent on trying to search for the truth. Could his parent’s divorce have been prevented or was it inevitable? Could there have been something different in the mix that may have helped them weather the storms, or could it be that they were just not made for each other?

It wasn’t until years later, as he faced up to his own personal challenges in marriage, that it dawned on him what the solution could have been. ‘Don’t Get Married Until You Are Single’, but if you are married already, seek singleness and self-love and your marriage will blossom to new dimensions of fulfilment. 

I had a very successful book signing / launch at Woodgreen and Romford respectively on Sunday 28th January 2018. My team and I had to set up quite early at Woodgreen to make sure that we got the best of the day. After which we dashed to Romford to meet the 12pm gathering that awaited us there. Both venues were truly exciting and thrilling as we got a great reception from the people. Feeling truly thankful!

16/02/2018 I had another very successful book signing event at Peterborough Dominion Centre with a bunch of vibrant and knowledge thirsty young couples and singles. What better place to be than with people who are ready to get knowledge about singleness. Thankful!

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Sam O. Opeche

Sam Opeche has been working with married couples for the past ten years to provide counselling through Supportive and Interpretive therapy. His methods enable couples to deal with the presenting problems in their marriages. As well as working with married couples, Sam’s work also involves the provision of tailored relationship advice and guidance to unmarried people who aspire to find bliss in a marital relationship.

As a Psychotherapist, he employs the use of social media platforms and one-to-one discussion to help encourage, educate and energise his clients to practice wholesome principles that aids them to transform their troubled marriages and relationships.

Sam together with his wife Elizabeth Opeche run e Marriage Workshop service that reaches over 300,000 people monthly on Facebook. rough bespoke video clips and messages, they touch on salient issues affecting many marriages and have a growing followership of over 37,000 people since the workshop started on July 14th 2016, which was their 16th wedding anniversary.

His wife Elizabeth and he are both from broken homes, but it is Sam’s background and life’s story that has remained his motivation to see a change in the prospect of marriages in this generation.

Sam Opeche
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