Troubador Colour Numerology

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624606

Format: Paperback

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Colour Numerology

The Karmagraph


Rediscover your soul colour, number and musical key using June’s unique and successful method, working with colour and number. She first created the 3 number system, and then further developed the system to 4 numbers to reveal the soul number, the attributes to be brought in. Using her system, she rightly predicted a girl for David and Victoria Beckham’s fourth child many months prior to their daughter Harper’s birth, as well as predicting that Barack Obama would win his second term in office. She continues to fine tune her system, far beyond its original use. However, she acknowledges how difficult it is to be exact and precise for any predictive system, yet she perseveres to fine-tune it. Only someone of June’s calibre and with her colour knowledge can successfully attempt such a feat. Numerology is not new, combining colour with number in this specific way IS new. Her system is new and unique. June holds all rights to her invention. Often copied, never bettered. Her system reveals fortuitous times to commence any endeavour such as a new relationship, a move, career progression or business start-up. Her system benefits everyone by highlighting the possibilities and opportunities as they arise, and noting the pitfalls. Colour Numerology will appeal to those with an interest in complementary avenues to predict events in their own lives and unlock success. It is best used in conjunction with Colour Therapy A – Z (Matador, 2015), as well as the Colours of the Soul book and CD, digitally available (O Books, 2006).

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