Troubador Cognitive Hypnotherapy: What's that about and how can I use it?

Released: 01/12/2010

ISBN: 9781848765054

Format: Paperback

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy: What's that about and how can I use it?

Two simple questions for change


Written by Trevor Silvester, the Editor of Hypnotherapy Journal for 9 years and Director of the Quest institute, this new book defines an exciting new approach to the field of therapy and counselling. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a model that can be used to create a unique treatment plan for each client, using techniques drawn from any school of thought, integrated into a single model that uses the clients own mind to solve their own problems.

The book describes a theory of mind that explains why we do the things that limit our lives, and why we can take control and change ourselves. It then explains how by weaving a comprehensive selection of interventions into a creative model that assists therapists in making the most appropriate choices, all of which make it essential reading for anyone working in this field.

The key readership is likely to be practising hypnotherapists, counsellors and psychotherapists, although anybody interested in the field will find this a fascinating read.

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