Troubador Chronic Digestive Disorders

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015553

eISBN: 9781789018974

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Chronic Digestive Disorders

Regaining Health with the Functional Medicine Approach


Do you suffer with gastric problems, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, allergies, skin problems or any other diagnosed gut disorder? Have you been given medication and told you will need to learn ‘to live with it’? Are you desperate for help? You will find that this book provides a lot of valuable answers.

Drugs do not address the underlying cause of chronic disease, the gastrointestinal tract never repairs itself, diet and lifestyle are not factors assessed by GPs, so the condition never improves but is just symptom-managed. Chronic Digestive Disorders offers an alternative route to achieving digestive health with a drug-free holistic approach – based on the principles of Nutritional and Functional Medicine. This health-care system focuses on identifying the biochemical and nutritional imbalance which is linked to symptoms of ill health at the cellular level. Analysis is made with specialised Laboratory tests, which help identify alterations in body systems. It does not take the ‘one pill fits all’ approach, but recognises individuality in all human body systems. Diet and lifestyle, the key factors behind the development of chronic health conditions, are assessed in detail and adjusted accordingly. Treatment involves Nutritional Therapy for nutritional supplementation, herbal and enzyme therapy and very distinct dietary recommendations, all aimed at correcting deficiencies and healing the gut. 

Using this guide, you can actively play an important part in your treatment and recovery, learning the core principles of keeping healthy with a nutrient rich diet. By following the guidelines you can help reverse all chronic digestive disorders. The human body is wonderfully self-healing - given the right conditions and following these principles, you can build a ‘new you’ and a better, healthier future. 

Regaining Health With The Functional Medicine Approach - REMOVE, REPAIR, RESTORE, RECOVER

A drug-free natural health-care book based on identifying and treating the root cause of chronic digestive disorders. Fully comprehensive description of appropriate gut Biochemical Tests available to assess symptoms. Successful case histories from clinical practice, self-help recommendations for diet. Nutritional and botanical treatment plans for specific gut health disorders. Compatible natural healing techniques, organic food, non toxic shopping, recipes for health.

Positive Health

I have now read it through from cover to cover and I found it to be excellent.

I will recommend it to people as I am sure it will become a bible on digestive issues in 2019!

by Caroline Warwick-Smith

I found this a very informative read. They delved not only into IBS but also other disorders that can cause issues with the digestive system. It gave simple straight forward advice as well as explaining the reasons for these illnesses in a simple honest way.

by Lindsay Adams-Riley

The best book on the subject: to the point, comprehensive yet precise, with not a 'food fad / miracle drug or drink' in sight. In easy-to-understand English, this reference book lays out the gut, body's system of digestion and excretion, what the body needs, what irritates / inflames the gut, symptoms of diseases / sickness / issues and related blood tests, what can cure it (all the food items, vitamins, habits that you need to adapt to get rid of inflammation). Very good book. Thanks.

by Noor Ihuda

This is a very informative book about a variety of digestive disorders. The author also discusses what we can all do in order to keep our guts healthy, going into detail about food and our eating habits as well as supplements and lifestyles. The author covers digestive diseases, causes and effects .. This information was not only educational it is critical for patients who need to learn the scope of their digestive diseases and understand how to better heal themselves through proper eating and good health practices.

by Alycia Canfield

I used this book to study for a test (I'm a Med student) and i loved it. it was very easy to reed, nice and simple.

If you are looking for a book that helps you understand what's going on on your body or like me, you have to study for an exam, this is your book.

by Javiera Zapata

Gastric problems, IBS, food intolerances, allergies skin problems etc if you have all of these then you should read this book., its a mine of information for those people who are only given medication together with advice which says " live with it". This guide teaches you the core principles of keeping healthy, with nutrient rich diet gel0ing you to reverse chronic digestive disorders.


by Pam Thomas

Gaynor J Greber

Graduated with excellence from The Institute For Optimum Nutrition. London 1994

Spent 22yrs in practice as Clinical Nutritionist in medical and private clinics in UK

Associate member of The Royal Society of Medicine

Member of The Institute For Functional Medicine

Lives in Switzerland

Member of The Geneva Writers Group

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