Troubador Can I Have Chips?

Released: 16/01/2014

eISBN: 9781783067664

Format: eBook

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Can I Have Chips?

fill up, lose weight, feel great



Join millions of others and learn how to succeed at losing weight and stay your perfect size – without giving up chips and other starchy foods!

Ditch the faddy diets! You may lose weight initially, but unless you can maintain your weight loss for six months – the time it takes for hunger hormones that are triggered by dieting to return to normal – you may end up heavier than before you started your diet.

Based on the latest medical research, scientist Louise Graham explains that the general modern diet makes us fat because it is highly palatable and energy dense. She reveals how you can lose weight permanently by increasing your intake of protein – more filling than other foods – at the expense of foods containing added sugar and added fat.

A diet high in protein is not only an effective weight loss tool, it also partly compensates for the natural increase in appetite triggered by weight loss. There’s no need for confusing calorie counting, intermittent fasting or expensive commercial diet products – just eat three, filling, protein rich meals a day, cut out snacks and soft drinks and watch your weight plummet. Follow the sustainable maintenance plan inside and you never need go on another diet!

Can I?Have Chips? is a refreshing change from the usual faddy diet books, making it the perfect partner for anyone looking to lose weight and keep it that way.

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Louise Graham PhD

Louise Graham studied physiology at University College London. She was awarded a PhD in clinical pharmacology. Post-doctoral research followed at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School - Hammersmith Hospital, and the Charing Cross Hospital oncology department.

After a stint writing medical film scripts, she wrote two books – A Good Start – healthy eating in the first five years (Penguin Books) and George’s First Year (Peter Halban).

She trained as a complementary therapist and practises Inner Dialogue – a non-verbal system that assists in the unfolding of the narrative that led to the client’s dilemma, state or illness.

After many years of yo-yo dieting and gradually increasing weight, she decided to use her research skills to develop a new diet that needs minimal will power and avoids the rebound weight gain common to faddy short-term diets.

Louise Graham
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