Troubador As It Is

Released: 25/02/2008

ISBN: 9781906221751

Format: Paperback

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As It Is


Some people inhabit their existence, from conception to demise, without being capable of considering any alternative understanding to what is generally accepted by society. Others, by chance, are able to contemplate the meaning, if there is one, of human reality.

As It Is will appeal to anyone who spends time considering their existence as Homo Sapiens. The book is compact, easy to read and should be enjoyed by anyone who thinks.

I've only just come across this review opportunity. We read Mike Greening's book in our Book Group in Wales a couple of years ago. We all agreed it was a stimulating, thought-provoking experience, which leaves you wanting to debate the issues with other readers. Mike Greening's view of the world is clear, specific, carefully thought- out, and more or less impregnable. A perfect book to provoke discussion - whether you agree with its views or not. I did agree with them - most of the time!

by Roger Woodley

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