Troubador An Ecological Theory of Autism

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785898952

Format: Paperback

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An Ecological Theory of Autism

How genes and environment interact


The product of an 8-year research study, this book presents a complete and detailed overview of autism/ASD which draws together both psychological and physiological aspects from the current research base, to present a novel and logical theory of what autism really is and why it occurs. It concludes by providing answers to many commonly asked questions about autism/ASD.

The layout of the book follows my personal journey through the autism/ASD literature: Chapters 1-5 each present the current research base on five different aspects of the field. Chapters 6-8 explore a range of environmental factors over three life time-scales. In Chapter 9, I generate an ecological model within which to understand autism/ASD, and in Chapter 10 examine the potential role of genes. Chapter 11 provides a stand-alone summary of the data reviewed so far with salient points identified. The hypothesis itself is presented in Chapter 12. An explanation for the triad of impairments and other characteristic behaviours of autism/ASD is offered in Chapters 13 and 14, while Chapter 15 addresses some commonly proposed questions about autism/ASD in the light of this new theory.

Jennifer Poole is the author of two books: Decoding Dyslexia and An Ecological Theory of Autism. Both are ground breaking studies which offer new hope and understanding to those affected or working in the field. Each offers a comprehensive study of the subject with a practical, positive resource section.

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Jennifer Poole

Jennifer Poole is a chartered psychologist researcher and writer with a First Class BSc Hons degree from Portsmouth University, UK and a PhD from Exeter University, UK. She specializes in adopting an ecological/interactive research paradigm and in uniting physical and psychological aspects to find novel ways of understanding, as solving problems of child development, education and health. She lives with her partner of 22 years, and an array of animal friends.

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