Troubador A Fine Line

Released: 24/08/2009

ISBN: 9781848761544

Format: Paperback

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A Fine Line

A balance to survive


Based on a true story.

Bridget is married to Joseph from Switzerland. They have two young children, and both take the decision to follow Dr Lynn's advice and Bridget is admitted to a psychiatric unit for intensive therapy to try to peel the layers off and reveal her past.

Neither the medical professionals or Bridget and Joseph realise the extent of the horrors until they start to unfold. The initial two weeks voluntary changes into a sectioning that lasts for nearly four years. The pain and distress of Bridget's revelations cause her to be detained in a High Secure Unit instead of on a luxurious trip to Euro Disney.

The past unfolds and Bridget reveals that she attempted to trace both her biological parents and ends up living with a half brother and sister for a week without them knowing they share the same Dad. In her struggle to find her Mother, a Bank Manager takes advantage and both he and his wife exploit her.

Bridget receives an unexpected visitor and this is another significant stage in her life.

As Bridget reveals more and more of her past, the medical team are repeatedly shocked as just when they think they have peeled off another layer and trauma, a deeper layer reveals further shocking revelations. It turns out Bridget has suffered over twenty years of continual extreme abuse, several murder attempts and has survived against the odds and even Dr Lynn her consultant is shaken when she eventually reveals her most dark secret.

Dr Lynn encourages Bridget to write her story down as he describes her as an amazing person who has dug deep into any available resource to survive.

Leicester Mercury
(5 October 2009)

Melton Times
(3 September 2009)

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