Troubador Zed & Dez

Released: 28/03/2017

eISBN: 9781788038270

Format: eBook

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Zed & Dez

005 Secret Services Agents


Join the secret world of Zed & Dez as they solve missions in the village of Champton using fantastic fantasy gadgets, all without the grown-ups knowing. Oh, and solve some tricky jokes along the way! Did you know children all over the world work for the 005 Secret Services Agency? Zed is just one of them! In the dark of night, 005 Agents fly over Zed's house and drop in top secret Agency work through a hatch in the roof, linked to a 005 Agency vending machine. The vending machine, hidden in the back of Zed's wardrobe, doesn't serve snacks. Oh no! It serves weekly secret missions. With the help of 9-year-old genius, Lorenzo, who creates amazing gadgets including a flying snowboard, video specs and decoder pens, Zed does his very best to solve each mission. But Zed can’t complete his missions alone. He needs the help of his best friend, 9-year-old Dez. Can they stop a kidnapping, save the Christmas Talent Show, get Mr Ladd to safety, stop bike thieves at school, find a drowning swimmer and build a youth centre? Hopefully Lorenzo’s wacky inventions including a video camera hat, voice recognition labels and a retrieving robot will help the pair in their quests. Zed & Dez is a fast-paced action book full of gadgets, humour and heroes that share a dose of friendly rivalry and jokes throughout. With an array of beautiful illustrations, Zed & Dez is ideal for young readers who enjoy being kept on their toes with non-stop action.

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