Troubador Willow

Released: 24/02/2015

eISBN: 9781784629335

Format: eBook

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Ana is miserable at having to start a new life after moving house. The beautiful willow tree at the bottom of her garden is her only solace. The story begins when her daddy decides to chop down Willow to make room for a shed. Ana is distraught, but events take a surprising turn when the tree starts to fight back!

A beautiful fairytale

by Marie Saul

I loved the way this story rolled. The kids were captivated, and the ending brought a tear to my eye

by Stephanie

Children loved this, read it through three times. Good to read and nice flow.

by Kada

Looking for more books from this author. Kids loved it, but cant find anything in book shops!!!

by Michele Duran

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