Troubador Wilcroft Chronicles: The Waterfall Warrior

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Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800464834

eISBN: 9781800466296


Format: Paperback/eBook/Audio Book

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Wilcroft Chronicles: The Waterfall Warrior


Hannah is a hotel worker, who struggles with depression after a trauma in her childhood and a toxic ex-boyfriend.

Callum is a student, questioning his own sanity since a strange young man appeared on the other side of his mirror.

When Hannah disappears, her brother Callum determines to find her. His journey leads him to Epping Forest and a mysterious waterfall. But Hannah has fallen through a portal to another world. Together with a Warrior called Fay, she must unveil the secret of the ancient prophecy before Therrhain is destroyed...

The Waterfall Warrior is a YA fantasy novel that also tackles normal day-to-day themes, such as discrimination and mental health. The central plot is that Hannah falls into another world which is both similar and very different to our own, and we experience this strange new place with her. At the same time, we also see the repercussions as Callum and the rest of her family do their best to cope with her disappearance.

A fantastic book!

by Mr Cool

I really enjoyed this book. It's a fun, heart-warming fantasy that keeps you gripped from beginning to end. There were so many well developed characters and interesting worlds, I wanted to learn more but also wanted to see how everything was going to play out.
I'd be excited to read more if the author wrote another following the same characters and worlds.

by Bethany Phillips

The Waterfall Warrior is a fantasy book which normally I wouldn’t be drawn into . However , the book's description caught my attention and so I picked the book up and began to read . A few pages in I thought I want to read more, so I purchased a copy . This book then took me on a journey with someone lost in a portal to another world and captured my imagination in the characters she met along the way . Each chapter guides you on each character whether it is in this world or the inner depths of Wilcroft where the main character Hannah had found herself . You see her meeting varies human/ animal like characters on the way, enabling her to find her way back home . As the story commutes you from this world to another you also see her family endeavouring to find her. What was most interesting here was the fragmented dynamics of the family , divorced parents , siblings with their own issues in life all trying to engage together, to find a missing loved one . I have to say the characters I was most drawn into was Callum and Elliot and although I won’t spoil the read for you by telling you their part in this story , I am intrigued if there is a future book for these two . I highly recommend this book if you want to get lost in another world that doesn’t exist or does it ? That’s the fantasy within this read .

by Mandy Lerwell

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