Troubador White Windows

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788039222

Format: Paperback

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White Windows


In David Wallis’ debut children’s book a family is struggling to function in a world that is moving at such a demanding pace, when the tranquility of their new home is threatened and their lives are changed forever by some very strange events which combine danger, mystery and intrigue. At the end of a long summer’s day, sipping a glass of her favourite tipple, Rita reflects on the difficulties her family have experienced over the last two years, with mysterious break-ins, an attack by Mr Fox who stole some of their chickens and the guttering on White Windows being painted – what was going on? Believing that the family are being invaded by bandits and thieves, Rita summons the police to the house, but they cannot find anything wrong. As the days go by and Autumn arrives, there are more strange sightings and sounds in the garden. And the family seem to be acting out of sorts with Lottie being disruptive at her new school and Gary, her father, behaving very strangely! Is all lost, when a carefully planned surprise birthday party for Lottie threatens the future of the ‘new keepers’ ? The family are about to fight in a race to protect something special and sacred that has been locked away for hundreds of years. White Windows offers a glimpse into a realm of fantasy, and suspense-filled action, as a vulnerable family try to understand the magic and mystery locked inside their house and how this will change their lives forever. The book will appeal to young readers 7 years and over that enjoy fantasy fiction, as well as those that enjoy gripping mysteries.

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