Troubador Vampires And Victims

Released: 28/01/2022

eISBN: 9781803138787

Format: eBook

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Vampires And Victims

Rise Of The Wraiths


In the aftermath of their humiliating defeat at the hands of Charlie Carter’s Army of Misfits, the Vampires of Storm Hill exact a terrible revenge on the Humans of The Cauldron.  Entire families are left starving and destitute and are forced to live on the streets, making them easy prey for Vampires to feast on.

The Crones call upon the Supreme Council to protect the lives of Cauldronians but their supplications fall on deaf ears.  Denied justice, they vow vengeance against those that have slaughtered their kin and call upon the Wraiths to rise and do battle with their Creators.

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Martin M McShane

Having previously lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia, Martin now resides in North London. While seconded to the Royal Australian Navy, Martin was responsible for security and communications for warships visiting Sydney harbour. Martin now works as the Programme Director of a major IT Company specialising in implementing web based Stock Exchange systems all across the world.

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