Troubador Vampire Hunt

Released: 01/03/2013

ISBN: 9781780884486

eISBN: 9781780886725

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Vampire Hunt


A?humorous, vampire-themed fantasy action novel, that shifts between the 17th century and today.

Opening upon the high seas in the 17th century, the vampire pirate ship, Bloodcrow, ambushes a merchant vessel. The screams of the dying and the thunder of the cannons from the attack have barely stopped revebrating when Nicholas Arden discovers he is in a love triangle with his betrothed, Sarah, and his own cousin, the charming ship captain, John Foulkes.

While brooding over his loss, the ship is wrecked amongst reefs in a violent storm. Thrown overboard, Arden washes ashore only to discover a mysterious substance that gives him the knowledge to enable revenge. Fuming in helpless rage, Foulkes adopts the name of his ship Bloodcrow as his nom de guerre and he vows revenge on Arden when they eventually meet again, ensuring that the ramifications of Arden’s decision will haunt the human race for eternity.

Moving to the present day..... Arden is now called Starbuck and is part of an elite crack force that is sent to recuse the British Foreign Secretary and his Russian counterpart when they are abducted from high level talks... Could it be that Bloodcrow and the vampires are behind the abduction? The ensuring battles claim victims galore on both sides and Starbuck must finally defeat Bloodcrow once and for all.

Wow, what a brill book. A great story about ghosts and vampires. This is better than the twilight books

by jane hunt

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