Troubador Under the Dragon Star

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788039901

Format: Paperback

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Under the Dragon Star


When Analai of Mairbell was nine, her mother disappeared, leaving her only a mysterious pendant. Seven years have passed, and now her brother is missing too, lost to the city during his apprenticeship with the magi. Her father, once a great man, hid from the world in the hope that he and his daughter could live in peace. He never expected that the battle would come to them. 

In one night, Analai's world changes forever when Mairbell is attacked. In danger of being consumed, the valley is undefended against the insidious, evil darkness that threatens to devour the entire world.

Analai is suddenly thrust from her quiet life into a desperate struggle for everything she knows. To have any hope of saving her home, she must learn to use the incredible gifts she's been given, and trust the help of the loyal friends around her. First though, she needs to be able to See them. 

What happens next will take her further than she'd ever dreamt, but will it be far enough?

Under the Dragon Star is reminiscent of a traditional fantasy adventure, suitable for readers aged 12 and over, and told with sensitivity and care. It’s an authentic fairy story, delighted to share its wisdom and excitement with the world.

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