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Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784622121

Format: Paperback

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Ultimate Justice


Want to be free of the constraints that family life and social expectations impose upon you??Free to think, to dream, to expand your horizons – even beyond those you can imagine? Have you ever fancied exploring strange and unfamiliar worlds, meeting and getting to know new, exciting beings? When you see what bombs can do to children, would you blow up an arms factory? Would you go after someone who had robbed an old person, or risk your life to save a child? Could you be the one to bring hope and justice into a dark universe where people had given up on ever enjoying the light, or being free? In Ultimate Justice, the second in the ‘White Gates Adventure’ series, rejoin Jack and Jalli, Momori and Matilda from Trevor Stubbs’ first novel The Kicking Tree. Meet their children growing up on Planet Joh as they once again travel the universe to previously undiscovered worlds through the white gates the Creator provides for them. Each adventure is a task to bring some kind of hope to people they have never met – as well as some they already have. Anyone from the age of 14 will be able to relate to one or more of the characters in Ultimate Justice. Perhaps you take after Jalli, now a mother of teenage children, or Kakko her impatient daughter. Maybe you see yourself in Shaun, keen to get into the first team, or studious Bandi who, at the age of fourteen, meets Plato and the philosophers for the first time. Some will identify with the older generation, while others know what it is to be disabled like Jack. Young or old, quick or thoughtful, adventurous or down-to-earth: each has their own role to play in the Creator’s universe. In Ultimate Justice there is adventure, action, relationship, and exploration – outwards to the stars, but also inwards, to what makes us who we really are and what we can become...

The Kicking Tree

Two young people, each with their own personal past, are brought together by an unexplainable link between their worlds located in different parts of the universe. Jack Smith resides in the English Midlands on Planet Earth while Jallaxanya Rarga (Jalli) lives in Wanulka City, a seaside provincial capital under the glare of its three suns on Planet Raika. Jack is the son of a single mother struggling to make ends meet, and Jalli depends solely on her devoted grandmother, having lost all the rest of her family in a tragedy when she was still only three.

Follow the adventures of these two young people who come to be convinced that they have not met by chance but that some One has deliberately brought them together – and not just for their own delight but to be catalysts for change in the lives of others too. Life for them is never easy, but they win through. Battered and bruised physically, mentally and emotionally they face the question of how a benevolent, all-powerful creator who has blessed them with so much can, at the same time, allow terrible things to happen to them and others …

“Jack kicked out at the bush by his front gate as he had done every day since he was eight. It was a habit he had indulged in for the last nine years. He had no idea what variety of bush or tree it was - he simply called it his 'kicking tree'. It no longer resembled a tree now but a stunted shrub. But that battered bit of creation simply refused to die, no matter how many times it was kicked.”

“Jalli's story, looked at from any point of view, was a tragic one. And yet she and her grandmother were happy because they had each other, and because they had learned to smile, and even laugh together. Some had said that they should not do that. How could they after what had happened to them and so many others.”

The is the first book in the "The White Gate Adventure" series.

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Ultimate Justice is the second novel in a series of Christian fantasy books, written by Trevor Stubbs. Ultimate Justice follows the lives of the characters from ‘The Kicking Tree’ and their subsequent children; however, others are also included in their adventures along the way. Throughout this book the characters develop in confidence and faith as they face the challenges that are given to them by the Creator in order to help people throughout the universe.

In their adventures the characters return to places they have been before as well as begin new adventures, and in the cases of some, leave the world behind to begin their last and most meaningful journey that will take place in the Kingdom of God,
‘She’s happy and content. She wants to step into her new world. She can see her white gate.’

This book teaches the reader to accept their losses and mourn without blaming God for the hardships they are facing; as they learn that God is suffering along with them, ‘...we get cross at him, but all the time He is suffering as much as we are. And He has all the universe, perhaps universes, shouting at Him and He hurts for all of them too.’

This story begins with Kakko, the eldest of the three Smith children, staring out beyond the horizon in hopes of an adventure. ‘She is eighteen. It is right that she should seek to leave the nest and test her wings. If she stares at the horizon long enough, one day she’s bound to set out for it.’ Soon enough the Creator presents both her and her mother with a white gate, this is where the first of her many adventure begins, each containing a moral and mistake she will learn from.

On the journeys the children bring with them the presence of God; wherever they go they leave the Holy Spirit in their tracks for their new friends to acquire, ‘We have become Christians because we know God loves us and never leaves us. He sent you to help us.’ This also makes the children and even their parents more confirmed in their faith, ‘I felt Him with me. Somehow I knew that, whatever happened, I was safe.’

This book is definitely one to read, it will have you in tears though also wearing a smile. It is a wonderfully written book about faith and how to spread the love of God through simple acts of kindness and just through showing your trust in the Creator that He will not let you get hurt. I would recommend this book to any age group and any denomination as it is not a book to be missed.
Trevor Stubbs is also currently working on the third book in this series ‘Winds of Wonder,’ which is coming soon.

‘None of us are good enough for heaven. God has to make us new - forgive us when we realise we need it. No. I believe heaven is for everyone.’

by Amber Thomas (15)

Trevor Stubbs

In 1948 Trevor Stubbs was born a son of a third generation market fruiterer in Northampton in the heart of England. All was set for him to become the fourth in line, but the new educational opportunities of the 1960s opened up a new world. Discovering a real Christian faith in his mid teens (thanks to some very inspirational youth leaders), Trevor went on to explore a call to ordination as an Anglican clergyman. At 19 he went up to King's College, London to study theology. At 22 he began a three year adventure as a volunteer teacher and mission worker in Papua New Guinea. Ordained in 1974, he went as a curate to Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire where he met and married Tina. More adventure followed with an overland journey across Europe and Asia eventually arriving in Queensland, Australia where he worked for three years.

In 1980 Trevor and Tina returned to the UK and have lived and worked in Yorkshire, Dorset and finally South Sudan. They now live near Bristol, UK where they are 'officially' retired. Trevor and Tina have three sons and two grandchildren.

Trevor Stubbs

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