Troubador Two Pie & Ahr

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781780885322

Format: Paperback

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Two Pie & Ahr

Dreams and Beyond/The Dwarf Planet


Two Pie & Ahr: Dreams and Beyond/The Dwarf Planet are the first two adventures of an illustrated book series. Two Pie and Ahr are extraterrestrial creatures sent on a mission to Planet Earth after a huge galactic battle. Their purpose is to find and train the ‘chosen one’ to help restore Planet Earth to health. The ‘chosen one’ Delia, a feisty and bossy girl, is taken into a magical dream world where nothing is as it seems. The big-hearted and paternal Two Pie and the sharp-witted and precise, worm-like Ahr prepare her for her special role. Delia shares action-packed adventures with with two dependable friends, June and Ted, by her side. Two Pie &?Ahr: Dreams and Beyond/The?Dwarf Planet is a science-fiction adventure book, with full-colour illustrations, that will appeal to both girls and boys alike. It has been written for competent 5–8 year old readers. An audio of the book, narrated by the author together with a musical score, is available as a free download for all book purchases and is detailed inside the front cover.

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