Troubador Triiiple Vision

Released: 01/09/2012

ISBN: 9781780882680

Format: Paperback

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Triiiple Vision


When Luke’s mother and sister are tragically killed, his father sinks into a deep depression.?To cope with this difficult situation, the boy begins exploring the surrounding countryside, filling a sketchbook with his drawings. Alone one day on a small beach, he slips and falls, hitting his head badly. Regaining consciousness, he discovers that he has triple vision; three almost identical images overlay one another. But which one should he trust??Noticing the figure of a young girl, Luke makes a decision and struggles to recover. But he finds his surroundings are very different; there are no buildings and no sign of the steps he descended earlier. Rubbing his head, he finds his hair is long and unkempt. Moreover, his clothing is crudely handmade. Looking up, he recognises the girl, and the first part of an astonishing adventure begins. But are Luke’s experiences real or has he created everything in his mind whilst unconscious?

Triiiple Vision, which has been illustrated by Ian, has been inspired by a number of authors including Philip Reeve, Garth Nix and Philip Pullman. It will appeal to young adult readers aged 14-18 years.

A great book, as a 52 year old teenager I loved it! Luke in his many guises was the star, but with a very strong supporting cast which moved effortlessly between realms, and an ending ripe for a sequel. I look forward to it!

by Bob Ilett

Ian Pillinger

Ian has worked as a writer and illustrator for 35 years. Initially he headed an Art and Design department in a large Wiltshire school. However, unable to find an all-embracing textbook, he developed two packs of 'Art and Design' cards for Pergamon Press. These sold in excess of 15,000 copies each.

Following the unexpected success of these titles, Ian became a part time journalist for Teachers' World magazine. A series of well-received articles resulted from this happy collaboration. During the same period, W.H. Smith approached Ian to write, illustrate and design two 'How to Make' books. Fun Things to Make and What Can I Make? also sold in vast numbers.

However it was the Baby Driver board books, published by Peter Haddock Ltd., that provided a breakthrough. These 'volume trade' books have, over a 20 year period, sold in excess of 11 million copies in 14 countries. Out of print titles are now collectable items. Beyond this a further 40 'volume trade' titles have also appeared.

Recently, however, Ian has turned his attention to young adult fiction, Stella and The Orbits and The Serpent Girdle are the first of several full-length books already completed.

Triiiple Vision, fully illustrated by Ian, followed in September 2012, whilst two further titles are at the planning and research stage.

Triiiple Vision has the endorsement of Sydney Jordan, creator, writer and illustrator of the iconic strip-art story Jeff Hawke and collaborator on Dan Dare.

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