Troubador The Wizardly Journey

Released: 28/03/2016

ISBN: 9781785891199

Format: Paperback

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The Wizardly Journey


This is a colourful and diverse fantasy fairytale with interesting characters that represent the extremes and duality of human nature – some of whom are dedicated to saving precious lives and fragile ecosystems and to living authentically with kindness and courage, while others have a darker, more selfish agenda and a nature that is comical and inept. If you are interested in conserving the planet, protecting animals, learning about the environment, discovering about crystals and their uses and travelling throughout the world then let this book take you on a magical journey as it explores various cultures, myths, legends and locations. Some places in the book are based on reality and some are entirely a product of the author’s fertile imagination. Join the author on a kaleidoscopic journey, an exploration of the complex nature of humankind. The author aims to give animals a voice so that their concerns are heard and addressed with an open, loving heart and a receptive and expansive mind.

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A highly enjoyable read , a wonderful and imaginative journey .

by Jacqueline Van Der Merwe

M.S. Metcalf

M.S. Metcalf is a surfer,a 4th Dan in ninjutsu , a crystal healer , a reiki master and a sculptor.Deeply influenced by and in touch with nature and animals , he has travelled extensively throughout the world . Visiting countries such as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, France, Spain, Japan, Portugul, Holland, Thailand and many more as well as various islands including Ile de Reunion, Sri Lanka and the Canary Islands. The immersion in other cultures and influences has contributed to his eclectic view of life and the Planet.He cares about animals and their plight in world that is increasingly profit based , and believes resolutely in the power of love and the evolution of consciousness .

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