Troubador The Warden’s Vigil

Released: 28/04/2017

eISBN: 9781788031882

Format: eBook

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The Warden’s Vigil


The world is not ready. The Kingdom of Elixir is not ready, and yet, a stand must be made. Dark shapes move between the trees of The Great Forest, as ancient forces stir and an old foe returns. Lord Erebus and his Order of the Sentinels, sit uneasy in their halls of stone:

“This is the purpose of our order, the darkest of our secrets and the heaviest of our burdens.”

Sentinel Marreck has already seen more than his fair share of war. However, when he is ordered to protect a nation for which he has nothing left to sacrifice, fate calls him home. Marreck holds a power, long since wiped from the annuls of history, and as he once again draws his pistol and blade, the forces of ages past compel him to fight. However, he will not be alone in the battle to come. The insightful and principled Marshal Maria Faircroft, will stand at his side. Maria must put her suspicion of the Sentinel Order to one side, if she is to keep the unconventional Marreck in line and rise to a challenge which she has been preparing for, all of her life.

The two uneasy allies will come to the aid of the young Fabius Dagon, a boy with a destiny far beyond his own imagining. Torn from his home and family by a war which threatens to rip his world apart. Our trio must stand together and face the end of the world they once knew and cling to what hope they can, as the birth of a new world begins.

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