Troubador The Village

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014297

Format: Paperback

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The Village

A Novel for the Waking Age


Literary fantasy fiction with a metaphysical New Age theme. 
The plot incorporates the African Ubuntu philosophy with those for sustainable living. 
Addresses urgent topical issues in an entertaining thought provoking way. 

This place is about much more than just getting away from it all… 
The land’s a gift; the moment’s a gift, as are the beautiful stars and the good warm fire. When we’re united in loving appreciation of these simple blessings, nothing can divide us… That’s why all of us are here: to live out these ancient truths.” 

When a string of coincidences allow Ellen Turner to begin building her dream village, not everyone is supportive. With far more at stake than she ever envisaged, how will her self-sufficient system play out in the real world? 

What will become of those forced to seek shelter in the little community, and in what ways are they already written into its story? Just how important will a mysterious source of wisdom prove to be? And what happens when Ellen’s troubled past finally catches her up? 

Aimed at today’s flourishing western spiritual community The Village brings to life the welcome possibility of positive world change for those who search for it.

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