Troubador The Sun Warriors

Released: 28/04/2014

eISBN: 9781783067794

Format: eBook

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The Sun Warriors


This captivating combination of science fiction and political satire draws the reader into an alternative present, where the threat of alien life destroying our beloved planet is all too real. It’s raining salt-water in the Sahara desert. In Thailand it’s snowing. All over the world, strange phenomena are beginning to occur and the young Thai climatologist, Dr. Thongchai Pakpoom, concludes that there is only one possible explanation: intervention by extraterrestrial beings. He is soon to be proved correct. Fugitives from the unstable Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy have decided to settle on Mars. In order to make it suitable for their needs, they decide to fire missiles carrying warheads into the sun, which proves to be effective for them but disastrous for Earth. Meanwhile, Thongchai is one of four humans who are ‘collected’ by alien scientists as part of their research. As the national leaders of Earth are unable to reach an agreement with their new neighbours, it’s up to the captives to persuade their abductors to change their policy before it’s too late. Setting the story in an alternative present, Robert Mills imagines what the reaction of today’s politicians would be to our first contact with intelligent aliens. The Sun Warriors is a combination of science fiction and political satire, exploring the issue of climate change from a novel perspective and appealing to those who enjoy intelligent fiction.

My first novel, 'Tiger Heart' was published as an e-book by Bangkok Books. My short stroy 'The Ladies Man' was included in a collection of short stroies by Byker Books.

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Robert Mills

I was born in London in 1950. I attended Sevenoaks School and trained as a doctor at the London Medical College. After completing my postgraduate training in London and Bristol, I worked as a consultant ENT surgeon in Dundee. In 1998 I moved to Edinburgh where I became honorary professor of otolaryngology. After retiring from the British Health Service and my marriage to fellow ENT surgeon, Nadtaya Makachen, I moved to Khon Kaen in Thailand. As well as writing, I teach at the local medical school and continue to take part in charitable ear surgery camps in various parts of Asia. I have three children from my first marriage: Emily, a doctor, Nicholas, an architect, and Alexa, a solicitor advocate.

Robert Mills

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