Troubador The Seer's Curse

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781788038546

Format: Paperback

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The Seer's Curse


The Seer’s Curse is the debut Pre-Teen novel from a promising young author. 
Evocative, captivating and endearing with multi-generational relevance. 
Although set in a fantasy world, it is relevant for today as it deals with friendship, acceptance and self-discovery. 

Orleigh is cursed. Or so the other villagers believe. With each harvest worse than the last, something must be done. And so they consult the Seer. A deal is struck: the village will thrive once more, but in return, Orleigh must be sacrificed to the Earth God, Teymos.

Years later, when Orleigh’s closest friend, Piprin, learns that Orleigh might still be alive, he resolves to rescue her and to return her to the Land of Mortals. Guided by the Seer and the myths of his childhood, Piprin sets out on a quest to the Land of Gods, where mortals like him are forbidden.

But will Piprin survive his quest? And why is the Seer so interested in Orleigh’s fate?

A tale of friendship, acceptance and self-discovery, filled with a new mythology, The Seer’s Curse is a moving debut to be enjoyed by all fantasy fans.

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The Bookbag

The book is well written and held my interest throughout. There is some scene setting at first but then the pace of the book quickens and I just wanted to keep reading so that I could find out what happens. My favourite part was the myths. They are all original and fit into the story really well.

I loved the atmosphere of the book. There is great world-building - enough description to make the world come to life, without slowing down the plot.

I found it really moving and easy to connect with the characters. They felt like real people to me, and I wanted to know more about them, about their lives. The storyline touches on what it means to belong and on finding acceptance.

I think there's something in this book for everyone to enjoy. It's not racy like a lot of other books out there for teens. It's something I'd be happy to share with both my daughter and her grandmother.

I look forward to what this author will write in the future. At the end there is a hint that the story will continue--I certainly hope so!

by Lou Adams

Fantastic and magical. The best two words I can give this novel. And they’re strange to hear from me. That’s how good this book was.

by Elsa Coutelenq (via Netgalley)

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