Troubador The Sea of Lucidity

Released: 28/04/2017

eISBN: 9781788038218

Format: eBook

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The Sea of Lucidity

The Eldormaar Book 1


Losing his way in Farnwaar Forest, Ranger Taro Brook stumbles upon a startling discovery… As a band of hooded riders approach his settlement, Morusk of DunTreggan begins to suspect that things may not be all they seem… And in the land of Enntonia, Token ScriptScratcher, the Scribe of Bog-Mire Towers, takes frantic steps to thwart the impending return of a dark menace he had hoped would stay forever banished. Caught in unfamiliar surroundings where the concept of time, past, present and future appear to hold no relevance, Taro Brook quickly has to come to terms with the daunting prospect that reality may be little more than an illusion. In his efforts to return to normality he reluctantly accepts assistance from the Drifter Sanna Vrai, a woman with the ability to navigate between worlds and Messenger Two Cups, a chattering individual with an insatiable tea addiction. Remaining sceptical of all he is being told by his new-found companions, yet unable to deny the things he has seen, Taro Brook’s resilience is put to the harshest test of all when he is confronted with a chilling revelation… Originally intended as a standalone novel, this gripping tale now also introduces an inspired new fantasy series which will appeal to those looking to discover and explore a myriad of worlds, all intrinsically linked and in which there exists an infinite number of everything and everyone.

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